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Basics Are Always ‘The New Black'

Basics Are Always ‘The New Black'
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Fashion is cyclical, meaning that what our parents once wore will eventually show up on the mannequins in the stores we shop at. We point and laugh at their old photos, though mostly for their poor choice in hairstyles — Mullets, perms, and the fried bits left over from Sun-In. Suddenly, before we know it, we are wearing new versions of that same laughable style. 

Case in point: Mom Jeans. (We’re old enough, and parental enough, to know that at one point this style of denim was just called Jeans). We are also from a generation that donned plaid flannel, Doc Martens and Vans. 

And, here’s something to mull over: The Fanny Pack. 

Sure, the original tended to be a fluorescent-nylon nightmare and it came to be that it was a sort of uniform for the retirees from the state of Florida, but it’s back. So say the 2017 runways of New York Fashion Week. 

(The Fanny Pack = Chic?! Check out Brave Leather’s 3-IN-1 Venice Belt Bag for proof!)

Trends are a fun bit of fashion to subscribe to, and it’s also kinda awesome to see the byproduct of reinvention. And, while knowing that eventually what is old will become new again is quaint and nostalgic, who has the storage to hold onto their clothing for that long? — The time it takes for one generation to go from the mindset of: What were you thinking? to Does this come in blue?

So, how do we survive every fashion crisis? Basics — The pieces of our wardrobe that we usually give little credit to. 

The Basics seem lacklustre in comparison to the bold prints and the bedazzled this-and-thats but they are, in fact, the things that, when purchased with care to quality, can get us through years of wear. They are, in fact, the things that can both stand on their own and compliment the bold prints and the bedazzled this-and-thats. 

If you don’t believe us about the beauty of basics, consider these geniuses:

  • Buy less, choose well. ~Vivienne Westwood
  • Simplicity is the Ultimate form of Sophistication ~Leonardo da Vinci
  • Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance ~Coco Chanel

(Proving her intellect, Coco Chanel also stated that: A woman with good shoes is never ugly.) 

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