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A Kind of Kindness Unlike Any Other

A Kind of Kindness Unlike Any Other
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With 2018 now behind us, we find ourselves grow misty-eyed in reflection of all the good bits that you’ve been so kind enough to share with us. Though it’s a little more than a year since we first opened the doors to Lurtz & Co., it sometimes seems like only moments ago -- a sensation that’s similar to parenthood. The iconic nostalgia of It-feels-like-only-yesterday certainly applies here. The starting point of our little store was, at first, nothing more than an idea: Hey, this would be amazing…! (A thought that was, inevitably, followed by the question: Uh, can we do this….?)

We’ve all heard Timing is everything, a quote so redundantly remixed that no one person can take credit for it. (A quick Google search resulted in a million versions on relationships, religion, cooking, and golf -- who knew?) For Lurtz & Co. though, it’s the “Where-and-Who that is everything.” 

We can’t just point to a calendar on the wall or the clock on our collective smartphones with the simple mindset that It’s blank-o’clock on blank-day in blank-month in blank-year, so, well, Today MUST be the day…!

Instead, our journey thus far has been more of a This-town-and-these-people…Yay-this-really-is-amazing! -type of experience. All the moments in all the world would be meaningless without all of you. (Note: Our aforementioned misty-eyed reflection wasn’t merely for dramatics) 

We’re so incredibly grateful for the heaps of love, support and friendship you’ve shown us. Lurtz & Co. is where we are because of your visits, your Follows, your Likes and Shares. We are where we are because of your This-is-cute, Can I try this on? and I’m just browsing. We are where we are because of you. 

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